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Customize Pencil Heater For Plastic Machine

Customize Pencil Heater For Plastic Machine Applications: cartridge heating mlement general information A cartridge heater is a tube-shaped, heavy-duty, industrial joule heating element (electrical resistance) used in the process heating industry, usually custom manufactured to a specific watt...

Customize Pencil Heater For Plastic Machine


cartridge heating mlement general information

A cartridge heater is a tube-shaped, heavy-duty, industrial joule heating element (electrical resistance) used in the process heating industry, usually custom manufactured to a specific watt density, based on its intended application. Highly compacted they reach a surface watt density of up to 30 w/cm². 

It may be used to heat any kind of substance or material, such as oil, air, or sugar. However, a common application is plastic pellets, which are melted in order to form molded plastic parts. An example of such a process is the "hot runner" process. Cartridge heaters resemble tubular heaters structurally but tend to have higher watt densities.

Characteristics & Properties

  • Tube diameter: Φ2.5mm-Φ35mm

  • Tube Material: SS304, SS316, SS321 and NICOLOY800 etc

  • Insulation Material: High-purity MgO

  • Conductor Material: Ni-Cr or Fe-Cr-Al Resistance Heating Wire

  • Wattage density: high/middle/low (5-25w/cm2)

  • Lead Connection Option: Crimped or Swaged leads

  • Lead wire type: 10" Standard (Teflon/silicone high temperature fiberglass)

Heat intensity

Not exceeding 30w/cm2 (advisable)


Depends on the dimension

Exhaust extreme (when cold)

<=0.1mA to 242 v.

Insulation (when cold)

5 Min Ohms 500 Watts minimum

Dielectric strength

1500v. 1/sec

Working temperature

750 Deg C max.

Length tolerance


Diameter tolerance

-0.02 to -0.06 mm

Cut off connection tolerance

+/-15 mm

Power tolerance (w)

+5 % - 10 %

Cold areas

Depends on length and diameter 5-25mm

Suggested Applications

  • Liquid Immersion

  • Plastic Molds

  • Dies

  • Labeling

  • Medical Equipment

  • Platens

  • Packaging Equipment

  • Hot Stamping

  • Sealing

  • Injection Molding

To Order

Custom heaters, shapes and voltages are available on request.

Please contact us with your special requirements. We are pleased to contact you if you would like more information or want to discuss custom product availability and pricing.

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